Mesa Boogie Quad pre-amp

FYI: FOR THE PROPER GEAR HEADS!! In the YouTube Rockpalast WDR video of (I Just) Died In You Arms, I'm playing the Classic James Tyler (SSH configuration of straight JTS 5500 single coils and then their 'secret' humbucker in the back).

The amp set up was a Mesa Boogie Quad pre-amp (slightly modded by my good friend Bennett) going into a 20/20 Boogie power amp and then through a 2x12 rectifier cab. I was using a TC Electronics G System for switching at the time, so the delay/reverb FX you hear are mostly from in there.

Finally, in my switching system I had both the AC and RC Boosters from Xotic FX - positioned before the amp. The lead sounds are mainly the high gain Boogie channel 2, with the AC or RC popped in every now and again for extra sustain.

Also, the German Rockpalast engineers REALLY know what they're doing!

G x